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[BRIEFING]CR-4 #03 ECO CANVAS CR MINT BLUE Briefing CR-4 #03 Eco Canvas CR Mint Blue BRG231D82-087

[BRIEFING]CR-4 #03 ECO CANVAS CR MINT BLUE Briefing CR-4 #03 Eco Canvas CR Mint Blue BRG231D82-087

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C.R.Four #03 Eco Canvas CR Mint Blue

Golf bag stand bag CRUISE COLLECTION cruise collection mint blue

* Lavender color is not sold.
*The color is mint blue only.
※The image is an image. note that.

``CRUISE COLLECTION'' develops clothing and goods that are perfect for the early summer to summer season, with coloring reminiscent of an island resort.
For the 2023 season, we will have a lineup of season-limited golf gear featuring “MINT BLUE” and “LAVENDER” as resort-like colors that stand out against the summer greens.

[Recommended points]
-Limited color only for summer season-

- Adopts two colors inspired by the ocean of a resort island or a sunset beach at dusk.
Although it has a presence that stands out against the green, the coloring is slightly desaturated, creating an exquisite balance that goes well with everyday GOLF items.
-High strength and environmentally friendly material-
・Mainly uses "Cordura Eco Made Canvas", which is made from recycled threads of Cordura yarn and recycled PET.
Not only is it an environmentally friendly material, it is also lightweight and durable.
In addition, by processing the surface of the fabric, it also has water-repellent and stain-repellent properties.
-Attention to detail-
- Adopts original mouth frame with BRIEFING logo.
-The internal separator has been changed to a removable structure that allows for replacement.
・By changing the angle and division format of the mouth frame, the ease of putting out the club has been improved.
-Mesh material is used for the mouth frame, which is stronger than previous models.
-Uses original design parts with the BRIEFING logo on the clip that holds the spring of the stand.
-Original design bottom part with B mark on the bottom.
-The included shoulder pad is an original one that resembles a backpack.
The design allows the BRIEFING logo to be seen from either the front or back side when carried on the back.
Not only does it have a good design, but it is also easy to carry, reducing the burden on your shoulders.
-Excellent storage performance-
- Numerous large pockets convenient for storing bulky items such as rainwear, a pocket that can store a dozen golf balls, and a bottle pocket with a cooling function.
- The front pocket is perfect for storing small items and has a magnetic design that makes it easy to open and close.
・There are also open pockets that are perfect for storing things you want to quickly access, such as scorecards and spare gloves.
- Equipped with a strap that can be secured through an umbrella, an original towel ring, and a glove holder with hook-and-loop fastener.

A collection of clothing and accessories that can be worn from early summer to the full summer season.
We offer a lineup that is perfect for the summer season, including items with colors that express island resorts and items made with eco-friendly materials.

Width : 250mm
Height : 990mm
Gusset : 380mm
Caliber : 9.5 caliber
Mouth frame : 4 parts

mint blue

cordura ecomade canvas

■Country of origin

Regarding delivery

【Regarding delivery】
*Additional 1,000 yen will be charged for delivery to Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands.

In addition, if the item is brought back to our shop due to absence during the delivery, we will charge the customer a separate shipping fee of 520 yen when the item is to be delivered again.

The delivery company will be Sagawa Express, Nippon Express, Yamato Takkyubin, or Japan Post.


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・If you contact us within 1 day after ordering and before the product is shipped, we will accept cancellation.
・Please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order if you wish to cancel a pre-ordered item.
・In principle, we cannot accept cancellations for products ordered from the manufacturer. If you still want to cancel, you will be charged for the product.

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We will only accept unopened and unused items that are contacted by phone within 7 days after the item arrives.
*However, we do not accept returns for products ordered from the manufacturer. Thank you for your understanding.

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